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membru din 27 iunie 2010


I remember the first time
But it wasn't the last time
That you told me you'd take me back
So i'm still wondering whythere was never a question
I should've learned my lesson
I keep coming back
Like a heart attack
That's always breakin'

I can't let you vanish
There's no magic when you're gone

You say you don't need me
You say it's time to leave me
I'm not gonna let you disappear
And i don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna believe it
I'm not gonna let you disappear

Oh oh oh x3

I don't wanna be lonely
But you are always the only one
Who'd cast a spell
And make it feel like all of this was real
nothing but an illusion
But i'm not gonna lose ya
So just do your trick
And make it quick
Cuz i'm pretending

I can't let you vanish
There's no magic when you're gone
You say you don't need me
You say its time to leave me
I'm not gonna let you disappear
And i don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna believe it
I'm not gonna let you disappear

Oh oh oh x3

Dont go!

I can't let you vanish
There's no magic when you're gone

Oh oh oh x3

You say you don't need me
You say its time to leave me
I'm not gonna let you disappear
And i don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna believe it
I'm not gonna let you disappear

Oh oh oh x3
Oh oh oh x3

Don't go,
You You...
You You...
Are Not..
Are Not..
Dissapear in my heart[:x]
Dissapear in my heart[:x]

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